Timple Zebrawood


Timple conejero (Lanzarote) (The timple is a traditional instrument of the Canary Islands) this timple is built by hand with noble wood, it is a conejero timple with a 390 mm shot, the woods that have been used to build it are:

Neck: African Sipo

 Body (Back and Sides): Zebrano

Top: German Spruce 

Fingerboard and Bridge: African Ebony

Nut: Beef Bone

Interior Woods: African Sipo, Cypress and German Spruce 

This timple has been hand-varnished with a crank pin with natural resins and shellac, each instrument that I build has a specific varnish for each wood since each instrument has a specific use and not all varnishes are the same since not all instruments that I build They are the same, depending on where the instrument will be used, the varnish has to be more rigid or more flexible since the wood is alive and with changes in temperature and humidity it moves and modifies its shape, also in my workshop I have a temperature control and humidity to be able to work safely since I always work between 50 and 60% humidity since the best humidity to be able to work with wood since this way the wood does not suffer from changes in temperature and maintains its shape without splintering or crack.


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